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°illustration & design

Your projects need more beautiful Art? Can't wait to get my hands dirty!

°art direction & concepting

You need well thought out concepts and direction for your project? Here you go!

°motion design

You need things to be animated?
I'm glad you came by.

°stitch head

°wdr kriegskinder

°sony app

°ferchau image video

°siemens showroom

°vodafone cebit

°illustration, concepts & storyboards


Designing outside the box. Are you tired of getting always the same result? I am too! I can help you get the best and unique result for your demand.

Plus, it makes fun!


My vision is to make you happy. How? By making sure your projects gets the best design, the best concepting and the best execution from me.


Always on time and fast delivery if needed.
Your project is mine project.
I have very high standards and will make sure your project gets what it deserves... the best!

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Illustration & Design
Art Direction
making pizza

°my clients

Design solutions for leading brands.